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Design Customized Labels, Tags, and Coasters for Your Wine Bottles

First impressions are critical when promoting your wines. Customized labels, coasters, hang tags, and neck tags will make your bottles stand out. Use coasters to promote your wine business.

Home vintners: So that exceptional row of vinifera or Lambrusco finally took off! Take pride in your effort and give your wine the respect it deserves with an exclusive label. For a totally personalized look, upload your own photos to create photo or photo-text wine labels.

Designing Labels for Wine Bottles and Other Cordials

An aesthetically pleasing wine-bottle actually adds to the enjoyment of the wine. Festive color schemes work for momentous events or holidays, including graduations, births, anniversaries, weddings, Bat or Bar Mitzvahs, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc.

Herbal or flavored olive oils and vinegars are back in popularity, so consider themed labels for your artisan products as well as for limoncellos, fruit cordials, or meads.

Remember to consider the color of your bottle, which is usually clear, green, or brown. An instant preview is immediately available to help you decide if your design will work.

The design process is very simple:

1. Choose a label theme such as Vintage, Art, etc.
2. Select the label size and shape.
3. Choose colors for the background, border, center, and text.
4. Add text: Winery, location, vintage year.
5. Select the quantity desired. The design will show you how many labels come on a page.
6. Preview your design.

Designing Wine-Bottle Hang Tags and Bottle Neck Tags

Put the finishing touches on your wine bottles: Add customized hang tags or neck tags, which give a distinguished and professional look.

Hang tags might be considered for bottles of special oils and vinegars. Consider themes such as Lime, Citrus, or Calm. Impart a special greeting, add a humorous warning, or convey instructions such as “Do Not Open Until”.

Follow design steps as with labels.

Design Your Own Promotional Coasters

Bring all your vintage’s design elements together by creating coasters to promote your wine or business. Include a coaster with each bottle, leaving a lasting impression even after the wine itself is long gone.

Home vintners: Design coasters matching your wine labels as favors for the special events you’ve commemorated with your wine. Add your own images and photos. People become sentimental about special coasters and tend to keep them for years or put them in scrap books.

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